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1.1080P and 3MP/5MP/8MP High Resolution;

2.This Camera only White.

3.Smart Ai Humanoid detection: mixing line, area, two-way flow detection, for human form, the item triggers no alarm ;

4.Color & Infrated night vision: built with floodlight, record full color all the day;

5. Support DIY Alert Voice and Alarm Bell / Customized new speakers with loud volume (4w high power);

6. AP Direct Connection / Wireless Connection / Wired Connection;

7. 1.0-5.0X Digital Zoom: rotates 300° Horizontally and 90° Vertically,

Press and hold the screen with both hands to Zoom in/out and see more details;

8. TF Card & Cloud Storage : Max 128G SD card Record and paid cloud storage ,data security is more stable ;

9.Support ONVIF protocol support: compatible with the third party cctv system

10. P2P Remote Access/Multi-User : P2P technology let you be able to view the live situation of your house wherever you are , just with the P2P account on the app via your Smartphone or tablet .

11. H.265X new storage design, TF card storage is lower, more stable and more durable ;

12. Xmeye independently developed the RTS Cloud architecture, which is faster and the preview is more stable ;

Special Technology : Exclusive patented spherical heat treatment, with an average of 30 degrees, let the screen exposure heat dry and disappear.

13. Support 13 Languages:English/Chinese/Italian/Spanish/Japanese/Russian/French/German/Portuguese/Polish/Turkish/thai/Brazilian.

Packing List:

1* Wireless PTZ IP Camera 1080P or 3MP or 5MP or 8MP (Optional)
1* Power Supply DC 12V (shorter than 1 meter)
1* Quick User Manual
1* Screws
SD Card is optional

We provide EU / US/ UK/ AU Plug(default EU Plug), if you need other plug,please leave message to us on your order.

You might need one such cable

The original power cable for the camera is shorter than 1 meters , if you need a longer cable , maybe you need this 3m extension cable , you could buy it together .

Ai Humanoid Detection

Smart Ai Detection function , support mixing line, area, two-way flow detection, for human form, easy setting in App.
Support to push the scene alarm screen to the mobile APP(The device must be have a TF Card)

5X PTZ Digital Zoom

This camera supports 1.0-5.0X Digital Zoom Press and hold the screen with both hands to Zoom in/out and see more details; PTZ : rotates 320° Horizontally and 90° Vertically, remote to control to view any conner

Smart Dual Light Modes

Built-in 4Pcs White LED and 4Pcs IR LED .
Monitor moving objects, automatically illuminate.This is an impressive little weapon against crime .
Camera could show colorful vision at night too , there are three night modes for you to select .

Real Two Way Audio

Built-in microphone and speaker / Customized new speakers with loud volume .
You could talk to anyone nears the camera ( Warn someone to leave your house )

AP Mode (Direct Connection)

If the device is not in direct connection (AP) mode, press the Reset button three times to enter the direct mode. Most device will voice" enter the direct connection mode".

Wireless/Wired Connection

You could select the convenient connection as you want . Sometimes you might just have one way to connect the camera , don't worry , this camera supports wireless and wire connection at the same time.


Support ONVIF

Support onvif protocol, can be connected to a third-party NVR centralized management camera. All our NVRs for IP cameras could work with this Camera .

SD / HD Video Stream Optional

Supprot two vision modes .SD stream could let you view it Smoothly when the internet is unstable ,HD stream let you get better and clearer vision .

IP66 Waterproof / Dustproof

The camera case is made of high-quality ABS plastic , which is waterproof, sun-proof and dust-proof. It is suitable for any environment .

SD Card & Cloud Storage

The SD card storage time reference table is a reference data. This data is a reference value in the motion detection video mode. The accurate storage time depends on your use scene and environment, which may be shorter or longer than the reference data provided by us;

Free 30-day cloud storage and Max 128G SD card Record ,data security is more stable . If you want to keep using Cloud Service, you just need to pay for it , if you don't need to use , it will stop it automatically when you don't pay for the fee .

Easy Access Via Mobile Phone In Steps

How to Add device steps?

Easy access via multi-platform

Support Mobile Phone iOS, Android System,Remote view of mobile phones, any time… any where…

Product Analysic

Outdoor waterproof mini camera with ABS Case

Camera Size


Q:How do I download a program?
1. The manual has APP's two-dimensional code download, please scan and download with your mobile phone.
2. Apple mobile phones can be downloaded by searching ICSEE in Apple stores and Android can be downloaded in Google stores.

Q:What's the phone APP for the camera?

Q:Does this camera support automatic tracking?
A:supports human-shaped detection, area detection, cross-border alarm and other functions.

Q:Does the camera support push alarm information?
A:Yes,the camera supports pushing the scene alarm screenshots to your mobile phone APP.

Q:Does the camera support wire connection?
Q:Yes,the product supports wireless and network cable connection.

Q:Does the camera support the ONVIF protocol?
A:Yes,the product supports onvif protocol, and you can access third-party devices, such as hikvison's NVR.and so on …

Q:The first connection between the camera and the phone is always unsuccessful. What should I do if the phone app can't find the camera and it doesn't work?
A:1. Please press the reset button for 6 seconds and release it. The camera will return to its factory value.
2. During the restart of the camera, please do not cut off the power, there will be a voice prompt, please refer to the description in the manual.
3. One connection was unsuccessful, please repeat steps 1 and 2.
4. Please confirm that your wireless router is 2.4G This product does not support 5G wifi.
5. Connection failed several times in succession, please confirm whether your router is a dual-frequency wireless router, if yes, please enter the router setting to turn off 5Gwifi. Repeat steps 1 and 2 again.
6. If the connection is not successful, please try changing your router. When we tested compatibility in the laboratory, we found that there might be a BUG in the signal communication of 2.4G wifi for some ASUS models (dual-band routers). You can find a router manufacturer to replace or upgrade the router firmware.

Q:What is the IP address of the device?
A:DHCP is adopted for IP of wireless camera.
1. You can search the local area network through CMS software to find the IP address of the camera.
2. use camera ip search tool software: "DeviceManage" to find the IP address of the camera.

Q:Can the camera be connected to the computer? Is there computer software that can connect the camera?
A:The camera can be connected to the computer. There are professional CMS and VMS monitoring software. Install the monitoring software on the computer and manage your camera through them.
CMS and related software please click on the link to download: id=1t8Wkiq_Mhiu-LZkZ1flV_CBVZ5e1dp7F

Q:APP doesn't send messages or alerts. What's going on?

A:1. Please confirm whether the mobile phone settings prohibit the relevant use rights of APP. If so, please change the settings to allow.
2. Whether the camera has turned on alarm information push, if not, please turn it on.




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