Hiseeu 8CH 3MP 1536P Wireless Security Cameras Kit Outdoor Waterproof 1080P 2MP IP Camera CCTV System Set with 10.1" Monitor NVR

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Comparison between traditional wireless NVR recorder and 10/12 Inch LCD wireless NVR

LCD wireless NVR can save money and save space ,due to dont need to seperate monitor /display /TV,directly power LCD NVR,they can work well .it is more easy to connect .but if you still want to use your own display ,you also can use HDMI cable to connect it .

UP to 50 Meters Wireless Transmissiong (No obstacle )

More obstacles ,shorter working distance

Set camera as a repeater

IF signal is not good , you can set camera as a repeater to strengthen signal /directly buy a repeater /using extension antenna .

AI humanoid detection alarm

when you have connected NVR with router /internet ,you can remotely view it on APP anywhere and anytime .so you can receive the alert notice on APP

APP Connection Steps

IF you want to remotely view system on APP,you must need to connect NVR with internet.

IF you dont need to view on APP,dont need to connect with internet, you still can view system on your system's monitor .

Intelligent playback


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