H.265 3MP 8CH Wireless Audio CCTV Security Outdoor IP Camera System NVR Kit 2MP 1080P 1T 3T HDD App View Hiseeu

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Best Three High-Lights for this Item of 312 Wireless CCTV System:

1. Wireless Cameras all can work alone without WIFI NVR, which means it is really WIFI  IP Camera,  connecting by WIFI Signal.

2. Wireless NVR has Two USB Ports, you can insert USB and mouse the same time, easily to control.

3. Two-Way Audio  Cameras with Wireless NVR


Normal Main Features:

1. HD 3MP Two-Way Audio Record IP Camera

2. 8 Channel NVR, support up to 8 cameras

3. Wireless WiFi / Wired Lan Cable connection between NVR and camera

4.Metal waterproof ip camera for indoor & Outdoor

5. Plug and play,remote access via iPhone,Android,PC

6. 3 meters long power adpter for every camera

7. 18pcs IR-Cut Array LED Lights: up to 30m Night Vision Distance

8. Motion Detection,instant e-mail alert

9. NVR upgrates to H.265 encode: save HDD storage space

10. Support multi-languages: English,Russian,French,Spanish.,etc

11. Free gifts: 1pcs Antenna Booster and 2pcs Warning Stickers

Designed Two USB Ports Better than other Wireless NVR — Quick operate at the same time

This Wireless Camera Kit can insert mouse and other USB for 2 USB Ports, it is very easy to operate the interface of the NVR when commected NVR, other wireless kit only have one USB Port, so it is much more convenient.

HumanoidMotion Detect Alarm

With Humanoid Motion Detection Technology, it will be sent alert messages when pushed alarm to local App & View something on video when playback from the hard drive anytime and anywhere with mobile 4G Network or WIFI.

Customize Zones for more details to detect
With customized-zones, you can choose specific aeras of what you need to take care, it's very great design for you to save HDD storage.

3MP Resolution of Wireless Camera System to view video Clearly

Have een updated from 2MP to 3MP with extremely competitive price to view smoother video and picture.

Two-Way Audio Record 3MP Wireless CCTV Cameras

Built-in Microphone and Speaker to hear and speak around the camera while other wireless camera system doesn't support two-way audio, which is a hight-light point on this kit;Record what people say;Make it authentic with sound video recording.

3m/9.8ft long Power Cablefor the CCTV Camera

Clear Day light and Night Vision of 3MP CCTV System

Day Time & Night Vision with three IR-CUT Arrays to view far enough, everything is sharp and clear in good image quality with 90 verticle. Always keep eyes to protect your family in good condition.

IP66 Outdoor Waterproof 3MP Cameras

Metal housing shell IP66 weatherproof security cameras, widely used for indoor & outdoor.
Camera Working Temperature: -25℃ ~ 50℃ ( – 13 ℉ ~ 122 ℉ )

3MP Camera Details

Change Camera Angles by yourself to record video

Wireless Connection – Without Cables Between 3MP Camera and 8CH NVR

Wireless Camera System of word "wireless" means the cameras and NVR are connected by their own signals without cables. Cameras and NVR still needs to charge power adapters to work.

NVR Board in details to connect Lan Cable and TV Monitor
Super Easy to connect NVR: Charge it by power adapter ; Connect Lan Cable between NVR and router; Then connect NVR to TV Monitor by HDMI and mouse.

Expand Up to 8 Cameras with 8CH NVR by Customised Hiseeu Camera

Designed by 8-Channel Type for NVR, support to connect up to 8pcs cameras, you can buy Hiseeu ip cameras to expand your cctv system if you need to enlarge video wide and protect well of your property or family.

AdvancedH.265Video Compression

H.265 NVR and Camerasdoubles the coding efficiency;

H.265 NVR and Cameras view videos faster;

H.265 NVR and Cameras record and save more videos

Up to 50 Meters Wireless Transmission Between Cameras and NVR by Connecting Signals Themselves

Extension WIFI Antennas to Inhance Signals of 3MP Cameras and NVR

Support to Use Lan Cables to Connect Wireless Cameras and Wireless NVR if it is far away between themselves

Friendly SW interface, support multi-language
Supports English,Russian,French,Turkey,Italy,Spanish,Germany,Korean,Japanese.,etc

Free App / Windows CMS Desktop / IE Browser to Connect by Remote Viewing

Intelligent Playbackeasy to locate the video footage that you want to playback

Playback to view video to know something anywhere with 3MP resolution for H.65 Hard Drive. It is quite important to have hard drive inside to NVR.

Packing List

1 x 8CH H.265 Wireless Network Digital Video Recorder(Wireless NVR)

4/8 x CMOS 3.0MP IR Audio Record IP Camera

12V 1A Power adapter for Cameras (3 meters cable length)

1 x 12V 2A Power Supply for NVR

1 x Mouse

1 x User Manual

3m Antenna Booster(Gift)

1 x 1m LAN Cable(Gift)

2 x Warning Sticker(Gift)

1 x HDMI Cable(Gift)

***HDD is optional***

HDDH.265 Encode to Record More Videos and View Faster

The Hard Disk is necessary for video record, thanks to the H.265+ High Efficiency Video Coding Technology, the 1TB Hard disk enables to continuous record about 30 days video footage for 4 cameras.


1.Is the maximum channel only 4? Could i add on more cameras to the Hiseeu cctv system? Where can i buy the cameras?
The maximum channel is 8,enables to add 8 cameras at max. Pls click Hisee IP Camera to buy the cameras
2.How much time of video can be recordered with this security system with 1TB hdd?
1TB Hard Disk: Can record about 20days;
2TB Hard Disk: Can record about 40days;
3TB Hard Disk: Can record about 60days.
3.When the HDD is full,do i need to delet the recording?
No need, if HDD is full, the new recordings will automatically overwrite the prior recordings.
4.Does the NVR support USB hard disk?
No,The NVR support SATA 3.5'' Hard Disk, the hard disk connection cable is inside the NVR.If you buy the hard disk from our store,we will install it for you before shipping.
5.What's the view angle of the camera? Does it have zoom function?
It's about 83degree,No zoom function.
6.Can some cameras connect to NVR via wifi,some via LAN Cable?
Yes,the connection between NVR and camera support both wifi and LAN cable connection,if you want place the camera far away from the NVR or the wifi signal is weak,we recommend connecting by LAN cable.
7.What's the working distance between the cameras and NVR?
It depends on the application environment. Theoretically,it's 1000ft in the open space.If the there are obstacles like walls,electronic products around,the distance is about 250ft
8. What's the working temperature of the camera?
Camera Working Temperature: From: -50 degree Fahrenheit to +122 degree Fahrenheit
9.Camer power through network or the power adapter?
Camera works through the 12V/1A power adapter, the NVR box is 12V/2A. DO NOT mix the power supply of NVR and camera.
10.Can i remote view the video on my pc and smartphone?
Yes, you can easy to get live streaming or playback videos via free IP Pro3 or EseeCloud APP on iOS & Android devices, through free EseeCloud Client software on Windows or Mac,or via major browsers like Internet Explorer.
11.How do i know the NVR box is working or not?
a. If the system without HDD,there are 2pcs lights in the front of the NVR box,the left one is stable,the other one is flasing,that means the NVR is working.
b.If the HDD is in the NVR box,there are 3 lights in the front of the NVR.The left one is stable,the other 2 lights are flashing,NVR is woking.
12.Is there any video of how to add new camera to the NVR?
Pleasse check our YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc5EJvi1QbY&t=7s
How is the video quality?
You can check our online demo.
Online Demo
Demo ID:977689561,no password
1. Download the free app "IP Pro" or "EseeCloud" application from the Googel Play or Store Market
2. Install the application to your smartphone or iPads
3.Open the application and select "Local"
4.Select " + " and "Add device by ID"
5.Input Could ID 977689561,no password is needed to input. Click Done.
6. Access to the online demo


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