3MP 1536P CCTV 8CH Wireless NVR kit 3MP 3TB 1080P Outdoor IR Night Vision IP Wifi Camera Security System Surveillance Hiseeu kit

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4.Spain warehouse can ship to the Local (except for the Canary Islands) and below countries:Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia;

5.Poland warehouse can ship to the Local (except for the Canary Islands) and below countries:Poland, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ireland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Romania

supply are EU plugs

       One-way Audio with one microphone ,camera can record the sound .but it can't talk with camera via smart phone !

Camera is  waterproof ,you can install it outdoor or indoor .as we known ,Russia is cold ,our camera still can work ,we have many customers in Russia .IP66 Bullet Camera, Housing Metal Case for indoors and outdoors

Night vision can up to 30 m IR distance , but best vision distance is  3-7 meters, if you need to view clear image,we think  you can buy optical ptz camera to zoom in .camera lens is  3.6mm

Our camera is not wireless ,it still needs to use adapter /supply to power all the time .just means camera connect NVR(Recorder) is wireless via WiFi.

NVR 's supply is 12V2.5A ,DONT use camera's supply to power NVR, in case ,HDD can't be recognize because energy is not enough.

More obstacles ,shorter working distance .More Metal or Magnetic product will interference signal to weaker signal too .

      Support Humanoid Detection to decrease wrong alarm ,sending a message on APP,you can receive the case

IF there are too many obstacles ,you can try to set camera as a repeater to strengthen signal

Super easy installation and configurations. Real plug and play, no need of any professional skills,you can totally do it yourself effortlessly and build your own surveillance system

Widely Application

1.Is the maximum channel only 4? Could i add on more cameras to the Hiseeu cctv system? Where can i buy the cameras?

The maximum channel is 8,enables to add 8 cameras at max. Pls click Hisee IP Camera to buy the cameras
2.How much time of video can be recordered with this security system with 1TB hdd?
1TB Hard Disk: Can record about 20days;
2TB Hard Disk: Can record about 40days;
3TB Hard Disk: Can record about 60days.
3.When the HDD is full,do i need to delet the recording?
No need, if HDD is full, the new recordings will automatically overwrite the prior recordings.
4.Does the NVR support USB hard disk?
No,The NVR support SATA 3.5'' Hard Disk, the hard disk connection cable is inside the NVR.If you buy the hard disk from our store,we will install it for you before shipping.
5.What's the view angle of the camera? Does it have zoom function?
It's about 83degree,No zoom function.
6.Camera power through network or the power adapter?
Camera works through the 12V/1A power adapter, the NVR box is 12V/2A. DO NOT mix the power supply of NVR and camera.
7.Can i remote view the video on my pc and smartphone?
Yes, you can easy to get live streaming or playback videos via free IP Pro3 or EseeCloud APP on iOS & Android devices, through free EseeCloud Client software on Windows or Mac,or via major browsers like Internet Explorer.
8.How do i know the NVR box is working or not?
a. If the system without HDD,there are 2pcs lights in the front of the NVR box,the left one is stable,the other one is flashing,that means the NVR is working.
b.If the HDD is in the NVR box,there are 3 lights in the front of the NVR.The left one is stable,the other 2 lights are flashing,NVR is woking.
9.Is there any video of how to add new camera to the NVR?
Pleasse check our YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc5EJvi1QbY&t=7s
10.How is the video quality?
You can check our online demo.
Online Demo
Demo ID:977689561,no password
1. Download the free app "IP Pro" or "EseeCloud" application from the Googel Play or Store Market
2. Install the application to your smartphone or iPads
3.Open the application and select "Local"
4.Select " + " and "Add device by ID"
5.Input Could ID 977689561,no password is needed to input. Click Done.
6. Access to the online demo


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