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NEJE CNC Laser Module A40640 E40 Laser Head 450nm Blue Laser TTL Module Set Laser Engraving Machine Wood Marking Cutting Tool

$ 97.11$ 334.80

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  • Brand Name: NEJE
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Model Number: NEJE Laser Module
  • CNC or Not: CNC
  • Is Smart Device: NO
  • Condition: New
  • Certification: CE







【Stainless Steel Engraving】Engraving stainless steel only needs a small enough focus point and enough light power, F30130, A40640, A40630 and A30130 module can directly engrave stainless steel, and N30820 and N40630 modules can engrave stainless steel by painted.

【Fixed Focusing】NEJE F30130 module can adjust the focusing to through a 5mm small plate directly , other modules are adjustable focusing mode. The adjustable focusing module can be a fixed position by adjusting, after passing a fixed thickness the material is assisted, the focal length is fixed and used.

【Air Assist Sets】NEJE provide 2 types of air assist sets. One is specially designed for F30130 modules and requires a dry air compressor to provide support, the other is a fixed stainless steel tube that can support other NEJE modules. NEJE 3D printing drawings are provided, which can be downloaded at neje.wiki. These 2 air assist sets support 1.5mpa pressure, which can greatly improve the depth of engraving and cutting.

【What Does Standard for a Reliable Laser Module Have?】 Laser modules need to undergo an aging test to determine whether the heat dissipation of the module can match the requirements. The NEJE module has a built-in temperature sensing inside, and the 60mm threaded copper is attached with high thermal conductivity silicone grease, which can quickly export heat to make sure the temperature is controlled to keep a safe range. If the temperature and heat dissipation of the module cannot match the requirements, it can be screened out in the production process. At present, there is no module with temperature for sensing function to ensure a reliable service life in this industrial.

【How to Choose a Module?】Cutting – If you are only cutting applications within 8mm, NEJE recommends N30820 and N40630 are nice choice. These two modules can cut 3-4mm plywood under air assist mode. If you want to cut 8-20mm, you can choose A40630 and A30100 and A40640 module. If there is a requirement for cutting of speed, the A40640 module is recommended, F30130 is suitable for users who have requirements for work efficiency and air compressor equipment. This module can cut 4mm plywood at a time with a maximum thickness of 5mm, It adopts a very simple focusing method. The focal length of 5mm can block more than 95% of the light and safe to use. If you often engrave portraits, you just need one of the NEJE B40635 405mm modules, this module is the current 405mm maximum optical power module, the 405mm module has a very good grayscale outcome. If you are just for a simple engraving, N30610 or B30635 will perfect match for you.

【100% Satisfaction】NEJE factory are proud to provide the process of 48-hour temperature control for aging test to ensure the quality of each module and guaranteed 2 years (20,000 hours) free warranty.

Digital PWM Wave Pulse Signal Generator Adjustable Frequency Duty Cycle for NEJE Laser Module tester board Specification

Power input: DC 12V 
Output: PH2.0 4pin (12v,GND,PWM/TTL,Temperature) 
mode: 3 modes (off, manual pwm, pwm / ttl in) 
temperature display: YES 
pwm display: yes 
Manual PWM control: YES


Note(Please pay attention)

1. Please wear laser goggles during usage and avoid touching the laser directly with your eyes and skin! 
2. Do not engrave mirror objects,Pay attention to fire,Pay attention to pets when working! 
3. Smoke will be generated when burned, please pay attention to smoke exhaust indoors. 
4. The warranty period of laser module is one year. If you have any quality problem(Except individual situation like using the laser module more than 30 minutes per time and casue the damage ), please feel free to ask our customer service for a help. 
5. If your laser module has any problem, please DO NOT dismantle it without our permission. It will destroy the laser module. 
6.  If you have any quality problem about the machine, please feel free to contact us. Many operative problem can be solved according to your video and problem description. Thank you in advance. 
7. This laser module is compatible with our NEJE Master 2 Plus and Master 2 Max machine . 
8. It can also be compatible with other cnc equipment, such as 3d printers, CNC MIlling, etc., but you need to master a certain knowledge of pwm waveform control.

Please Note

If there is a customs spot check, the customs duty is borne by the customer,hope you can understand.
Do not accept bad reviews and disputes due to tariffs.

The three islands in Spain cannot be delivered to overseas warehouses. Customers in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, and Ceuta regions should not choose overseas warehouses for delivery.

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NEJE CNC Laser Module A40640 E40 Laser Head 450nm Blue Laser TTL Module Set Laser Engraving Machine Wood Marking Cutting Tool
NEJE CNC Laser Module A40640 E40 Laser Head 450nm Blue Laser TTL Module Set Laser Engraving Machine Wood Marking Cutting Tool
$ 97.11$ 334.80
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