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High Quality Actuator ADC120 Diesel Generator Governor 1Set ADC120 Actuator Pickup Sensor ESD5500E Speed Controller

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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Model Number: ESD5500E

【 Speed regulator 】
Scope of application: ESD5500E series speed controller is suitable for all GAC matched actuators except ACB2000 electronic actuators.

Features: Easy installation, highly anti-interference and non-interference with other control devices, adjustable start fuel and slow acceleration function can provide the slightest start black smoke, actuator short circuit protection, anti-battery reverse connection protection, instant voltage and loss of speed signal safety protection, etc.

Product Highlights:
This product has a fully electronic closed-loop design.
Fast and accurate response to immediate changes.
It can prevent reverse battery voltage and instantaneous pulse voltage.
Easy to install, presettable, adjustable idle speed.
High reliability and withstands all kinds of electromagnetic interference around the motor.

Operating environment: Temperature -20℃~~85℃, relative humidity 95%.
Input voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC power supply
Speed signal: 0.5-120V RMS magnetic speed sensor.
Output Current: 0-10A DC square wave (continuous)
Fine adjustment range: ±200HZ 5K potentiometer.

A-B: Actuator 1.5m㎡ shielded cable, shielding layer connected to the housing.
C-D: Speed sensor 1.0m㎡ shielded cable, shielding layer connected to the housing.
E-F: Battery 1.5m㎡ cable, E connected to negative pole and housing, F connected to positive pole in series with 10A fuse.
G-J: Trimming potentiometer 1.0m㎡ cable, 5K potentiometer, speed range ±200HZ.(can also be used without)
G-M: No-load switch 1.0m㎡ shielded cable, shielding connected with G; closed for no-load, disconnected for high speed, (not connected for high speed)
G-H: short connection for setting the speed range (generally not used)
K-L: Rate of adaptation to 1.0m㎡ cable, two-point short-circuit connection adjustable rate percentage, separated rate of adaptation to 0.
N: Input 3-10VDC power for setting the speed (negative pole and E connected), mostly used for the device and car.
P: 10VDC, 100mA current output.

I. Start the device at idle speed
1. G-M is short-circuited for idle speed, adjust potentiometer IDLE, turn clockwise up, counterclockwise down, adjust to about 650 rpm, starting position 45%.
2. G-M is disconnected for operation, set to high speed, adjust potentiometer SPEED, turn clockwise up, counterclockwise down.
3. Potentiometer SPEED RAMPING, changing the time from idle to high speed, setting clockwise for long rise time, counterclockwise for short rise time, starting position 50%.
4. “STABILITY” stability potentiometer, adjust the best stability when the oil motor is not stable, but can be adjusted to the starting position of 30%.
5. “GAIN” gain potentiometer, in order to change the response time of the oil motor, can be set correctly when touring, starting position 30%.
6. “DROOP” rate potentiometer, K-L short, change the speed drop, set to 2.5%, the starting position of 40%.

II. Start the device at high speed
1. disconnect G-M, start the diesel engine and then the device directly rises to high speed.
2. the “FUEL” starting fuel potentiometer, which can adjust the starting fuel supply, with the uniform rotation of the large fuel supply, which is conducive to starting; the reverse rotation of the small fuel supply, which reduces the black smoke when starting, with the starting position of 50%.
3. Other settings as above

Size: M16*1*117mm
Output waveform: approximate sine wave (at ≥50rmin)
Frequency Range: 100~15000Hz
Amplitude of the output signal: ≥ 300mv at 50rmin
Output: max. Induction voltage 50Vac
Wiring method: Two-wire system
Working Environment: Temperature -30°C~120°C

Precautions for use:
1. This product is screwed onto the motor with a wrench, the maximum tightening torque is 49N*m.
2. The distance between the end of the sensor and the top of the measuring gear is 1mm.
3. The sensor has two output terminals, the output of the sensor and the speedometer should The output of the sensor and the speedometer should be reliably connected with shielded wire to ensure smooth transmission.

【ADC120 Electric Actuator 】
Available Torque:Max1.0Lb-ft(1.4Nm)
Max. Angular travel of the operating shaft:25±1degree CW/CCW
Operating Voltage:12VDC
Normal Operating Current: 2A/12VDC, 1A/24VDC
Max. Current for continuous operation:6A/12VDC, 3A/24VDC
Temperature Range: -54℃ to 95℃
Relative Humidity: up to 100%
All surfaces: fungus-free and corrosion-resistant
Mounting: Any position, electrical connection on the top is preferred
Vibration: up to 20G at 50-500Hz
Testing: 100% tested
Connection: Supplied with the actuator
Lever: LE1500-2
Rod ends (for attaching a 12#20 HD boom rod to the lever), BR100 (right-sided), BR101 (left-sided)
Wiring Harness ADC120: 4 foot wiring harness is supplied with the actuator, other lengths are available with the actuator

Package includes:
1 x Motor Speed Controller
1 x Sensor

1 x Electric Actuator


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