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Miromax service

Jeatone Tuya smart 7 inch WIFI Video intercom for home security Door phone Wireless doorbell remote control waterproof AHD cam

$ 202.42

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  • Brand Name: JEATONE
  • Connection Method: WIRED
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Answering Mode: Hands-free
  • Camera Sensor type: CMOS
  • Display Size: 7
  • Display Screen Type: Color Touch Screen
  • Material: Wire Drawing Aluminum Case
  • Viewing Angle (°): 110
  • Size: 22.6cm x 15.1cm Intercom:4.8cm x 12.8cm
  • Power: External power DC12V
  • Model Number: P203B1M710S1-87
  • IP Camera Interface: Yes
  • Zone Input: 8
  • Samrt Home Interface: Yes
  • Kit Configuration: One to One video doorphone
  • Installation: Wall Mounting
  • Resolution: > 420 TV Line
  • Doorbell: Yes
  • Access Control: None
  • Sensor Size(Inch): 1/3
  • Technology: DIGITAL
  • Camera: color
  • Type: Intercom System
  • Power: 220v
  • Connection Type: Wireless
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Memory: Support Max. 32G SD Card
  • Video Languages: 12 languages
  • Conversation Duration: 120s
  • Intercom Mode: Hands-free Dual communication
  • Volume: Adjustable
  • Power Source: Outdoor Doorbell Powered By screen
  • Camera Sensor: CMOS 1.0 Megapixel
  • Support: 2 call panel +10 indoor monitor+ 6ip cameras


Advantages of SIP series:PoE power supply equipment

  1.Simplify wiring and save labor costs    

  Use the network cable to transmit data and power simultaneously,low the need for expensive power supplies and the time it takes to install power supplies,It can help to save costs and time.

  2.Safe and convenient

  PoE will only power equipment that needs power。Only when the device is connected, there will be voltage in the Ethernet cable.It can help to eliminate the risk of  leakage.

  3.Easy to manage remotely  

  Can monitor and control the device by using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP),Like data transfer。it can help to make remote control fast without freezing.


  Our Product Just Works Well With Our Own Intercom System. At Present. We Could Not Guarantee It Could Be Compatible With Other Brand Indoor Monitor/Outdoor Camera. If You Need To Connect Other System ,Please Contact Us For Technical Support Before Buying.


SIP series multi-function video intercom system



New era smart home,Free tuya smart app,Operate and monitor more convenience anytime any anywhere

1.After downloading the Tuya app, you can connect the monitoring device to your smartphone in less than two minutes.The operation is simple and safe.


2.No matter where you are in your home or even abroad, you can easily answer the doorbell remotely and monitor the outdoor environment.


3.This trend of future technology, free your hands, and enjoy using a mobile phone to control the whole house of smart home appliances!


4.Support to insert 32G card for recording, screenshot and upgrade.





Support mobile phone or tablet to download Tuya smart app;3G/4G/5G or wifi for multiple networks

1.The Multi-dimensional connection can use to realize intelligent intercom on any device.Including app connect with outdoor unit;Indoor unit connect with indoor unit;Indoor connect with outdoor units;Indoor connect with outdoor units;Make communication fast and barrier-free.

2.Mobile phones and tablets only need to connect to 3G/4G/5G or wifi multiple networks to synchronize the indoor unit at any time.


Support mobile phone instead of surveillance machine to unlock

When the visitor presses the doorbell, the mobile phone and the monitor will receive the message synchronously. The host can use the mobile phone to monitor the outdoor environment and unlock the guest.


There is a warm voice prompt for the door machine to unlock the door, giving guests a sense of intimacy

After the host unlocks the monitoring machine, there will be a voice prompt when the door phone is unlocked: "The door is open, please come in !"




Multi-purpose machine, clock mode

1.The monitor is not only an indoor monitor, but also a clear electronic clock and an elegant artwork.


2.When the operation is over, it will stand by in clock mode for 1 minute, and then automatically turn off to protect the screen life.


3.Elegant artwork.The design is simple and elegant body ,The metal plate is exquisite and durable.





Touch screen system

The upgraded version of the touch screen system is easier to operate, and children will also know how to use it.






Multi-languages OSD Menu

Based on the wide range of users worldwide, we have carefully edited 12 languages to meet the usage habits of customers in various countries. 





IP65 waterproof, adapt to extreme temperature difference, not affected by weather

1.The product can operate as usual in many harsh environments outdoors, humidity rain, sleet, snow, high temperature.

2.IP65 waterproof:The airtightness is good, the outdoor unit is equipped with a rubber gasket ring, which can prevent dust, water and moisture.

3.operation temp:-40~50,Can run normally in extreme outdoor temperature.


110 degree super wide angle, the field of vision is wider than the old one

de-angle lens has a large angle of view, which can obtain a larger viewing range and make the monitoring angle of view wider.





 High-definition camera, night infrared monitoring

1).Infrared monitoring can clearly see the outdoor environment even at night, monitoring protects your safety.

2).1.0MP high resolution, can monitor every detail more clearly.




Equipment details



Product Specs-Monitor  
Model 87710
Monitor 7" TFT touch screen
Dimension 151mm*226mm
Resolution (1024H)*3(RGB)*600(V)
Memory Built-in Memory Can Save 86 Pictures, Support External Max.32GB SD Card
Connect Mode CAT5/CAT6 network cable
Intercom Mode 2-way intercom
Leave Message Time 30s/60s/90s optional
Conversation Duration Max.180s
Ringtone Customized supporyed
Power Supply Supplied by POE switch/External Power DC 12V; Standby:3W; Working:5W
Material Wire Drawing Aluminum Case
Operation Temp -10°C +60°C
Installation Surface Mounted
System capacity 10indoor units+6 outdoor units+6camera
Product Specs-Outdoor  
Model 87203
Dimension 128.29mm*48.49mm
Camera Sensor 1.0MP
View Angle 110°
Night Vision IR Light, 3pcs IR LEDs
Connect Mode CAT5/CAT6 network cable
Power Supply Supplied From Indoor Monitor/ Internal power
Power Consumption 200mA Max.
Electronic Lock Support 
Accessory Rain cover+angle bracker
Operation Temp -40°C +50°C
Waterproof IP65
Installation Surface Mounted


What's Included




System diagram

1.It can be connected to multiple indoor monitors. You can install as many units as you want in the house.

2.Support one indoor unit with multiple indoor units.

3.Digitization, just connect the indoor unit with network cable.




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Jeatone Tuya smart 7 inch WIFI Video intercom for home security Door phone Wireless doorbell remote control waterproof AHD cam
Jeatone Tuya smart 7 inch WIFI Video intercom for home security Door phone Wireless doorbell remote control waterproof AHD cam
$ 202.42
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