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IMILAB EC2 camera must be connected to EC2 gateway to use.

IMILAB EC2 camera must be connected to EC2 gateway to use.

If he gateway does not recognize SD card.??

The card needs to be formatted as FAT 32. Try inserting SD card when the gateway is powered off and restarted. The card can be formatted on the computer.

MI IP Camera Wireless Mijia Imilab EC2 AI Bettery Smart Outdoor Security CCTV Gateway Infrared Night Vision IP66 Waterproof

IMILAB EC2 Wire-Free Outdoor Camera Features:
* International version, one standard gateway can connect with 4 cameras, and the subsequent purchase of a single camera saves your much money
* The camera cannot be used alone, it must cooperate with the gateway
* Battery version, no wiring, wireless installation (already connected to MIJIA) [international version]
* Built-in 5100mAh large capacity Li-ion battery
* Supporting gateway, one camera gateway equipment is included, effectively enhancing network signal stability
* IP66 waterproof grade, dust-resistant, suitable for indoor or outdoor
* AI human shape detection, reduces false alarms, free from worry
* Supports watching live videos on the phone
* Supports voice intercom
* 1080P HD image quality, built-in 8 infrared night vision lights, F2.6 large aperture
* Supports local Micro SD storage (maximum 64GB). 7-day alarm videos can be stored freely in the Cloud


Model EC2
Size 140.4*47*73mm
Weight 517g
Power Supply 5V/2A
Angle 120°
Focal F2.6
Working Temperature -20℃-50℃
Storage Method SD Card (64GB Max,Only Support FAT32 Format)
Compression Standard H.264
Wireless Connection WIFI IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Battery Capacity 5100mAh

EC2 Battery powered Camera

1 charge- 4 month
Human Detection
IP66 weather resistance
Two-Way Audio
1 Gateway could connect with 4 cameras

Tips: Camera can not work without gateway.(Please don’t order only camera)

4 Charge Cycles, Works For A Whole Year

Built-in 5100aAh Large capacity lithium battery it can work for up to

100 days after a fully charged.


This means it can withstand heavy waterjets but it’s not intended to be submerged.
It did hold up well,it kept on filming and up today it still works fine.

720P HD VS 1080P HD

EC2 Smart Camera Use Effect (day and night)

EC2 Smart Camera Installation Effect

Real Picture

IMILAB aims to offer the greatest customer service. Our products are guaranteed for one year warranty. During the warranty date, we would send you a new item without return, if the product have any program error except damaged by human-action factors.

F A Q :

How to set up the gateway?(Binding gateway)?

1、Power up the camera gateway(Note: the camera gateway has no built-in battery and must be plugged in), the gateway will flashing yellow when power on.
2、Open „MI Home app”, Click „+” in the upper right corner of the page to search for „IMILAB Wireless Camera EC2 Gateway”
3、Open the „IMILAB Wireless Camera EC2 Gateway” and connect the network according to the steps;
4、After successfully connection,the blue light of the camera gateway will keeps on.

Can’t be binding?: (Can’t connect the camera to routerwifi.)

1、Please confirm that the bound network is 2.4G
2、If it still fails to bind successfully, please try to use the mobile phone hotspot to bind the device to determine whether it is the network reason or the device problem.
3、If the mobile phone hotspot is successfully bound, please change the WiFi name to the same as the hotspot.
4、If none of the method can work. Please provide the log file in the SD card.

Camera not working properly and keep flashing blue light

1、If the blue light is flashing all the time though setting up networking, means that the camera cannot connect to the wireless network or cannot be bound with the account. It may be the information of network is wrong;
2. If it is a blue light flashing while normal using and the camera go off work, it means that there is a problem with the network, you need to check on your network.

How to connect further camera to the gateway?

1、Open „MI Home”App,Click „IMILAB Wireless Camera EC2 Gateway” on the page. (Note: the camera gateway needs to be powered on and connected to the network successfully);
2、On the page of „IMILAB Wireless Camera EC2 Gateway”, click add camera;
3、Press and hold the camera for 2 seconds until the green light flashes for 1 second, and then the blue light will flashes. (Please ensure that the gateway is also in the blue flashing state);
4、Then operate in app and add the camera. After successful addition, the blue light of camera will always on(Ps: The low-power camera has its own energy-saving function. After successfully connected, the blue light  of camerais keeps on for a period of time and then goes out to save energy).
5、After connect one camera successfully, click „+” in the upper right corner on the „IMILAB Wireless Camera EC2 Gateway” page to continue adding;

How to set up the home monitoring?

Open the camera viewing page, click the „☼” button in the upper right corner, select „home monitoring settings”, open „Home monitoring” and set relevant items;

Can EC2 be placed outdoor?

IMILAB Smart Camera The battery version is IP65 dust-proof and waterproof, which can completely prevent dust from entering, and low-pressure jets at any angle have no effect. It is suitable for outdoor harsh weather environments

How to select SD card?

The camera does not have its own memory card when it leaves the factory, you need to purchase it separately. Please use high-speed memory cards as much as possible. It is recommended to choose products with Class10, U1, and U3 speed signs. It is recommended to use a dedicated memory card for driving recorders. This camera supports a minimum 4G memory card and a maximum 64G memory card. When the camera records video 24 hours a day, 4G card can record for about 9 hours, 8G card can record for about 18 hours, 16G card can record for about 36 hours, 32G card can record for about 3 days, and 64G card can record for about 6 days.

What should I do if the video image freezes when watching the live broadcast, and the video and sound are delayed and out of sync?

If the video screen is often loaded or stuck when watching the live broadcast, please switch the definition in the lower right corner of the viewing window to automatic or smooth mode; when you find that the video and sound are delayed and out of sync, you can check the network where your camera is located If the delay is too large, please try to exit the video screen and reopen the loading video.


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Waga 0,750 kg
Wymiary 25 × 10 × 15 cm
Sensor Size

EC2 Camera Only, Add Gateway 64G Card, Camera-Gateway 64G, Camera-Gateway, Camera No Gateway, Camera-Gateway 32G

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Poland, United Arab Emirates, China, Russian Federation, SPAIN, France, Belgium

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EU plug, US plug, AU Plug, UK Plug


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