2020 nowa generacja 6000 zliczeń multimetr cyfrowy Ture RMS AC DC NCV tranzystor kondensator napięcie temperatury inteligentny miernik

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NEW Generation 6000counts Digital Multimeter Ture RMS AC DC NCV Transistor Capacitor temperature Voltage Meter

Features Description


1.The High-definition large color screen. The 3.3-inch screen makes the display content large and clear, so you don’t have to worry about seeing it.


2.The test leads can be replaced. Unlike other similar products, the entire product cannot be used if the test pen is broken. The test pen of this product is designed to be replaceable, which is convenient for users to use various types of test pens. When the test pen is broken, only the test pen needs to be replaced.


3.Temperature measurement. This product also has the function of measuring temperature through the K-type probe (included in the package), which is convenient for users to measure the temperature of various liquid or gas. And the measurement range is very wide, the lowest measurement temperature can reach -20 ℃(-4℉), the highest can reach 1000 ℃(1832℉). (Only for FY107C)


4.Innovative battery design. Unlike other similar products that use button batteries to supply power, they will run out of power in a short time, and it is very troublesome to replace the battery. This product is powered by two AAA batteries(Not included), which has a very long battery life and is very simple to replace the battery.


5.6000counts and automatic range. The large counting range gives this product a large measuring range and high resolution. It can fully meet the needs of daily use. Compared with the traditional manual range multimeter, the automatic range does not need to manually switch gears. The operation is very simple and convenient. At the same time, thanks to the high-performance chip, the automatic range switching speed is also very fast.


6.True RMS measurement. The measurement results obtained by the RMS measurement method are more accurate, especially for the measurement target with no regular waveform. The traditional measurement method is to take the high and low peak values within a cycle to get the average value, and the measurement error is large.


7.NCV Test. This product has a non-contact voltage detection function. The voltage level of different wires can be judged in a non-contact way. For example, when you need to distinguish between the neutral wire and the live wire, you only need to turn on this function, which is very convenient and does not need to cut the insulation layer of the wires. This product is equivalent to a multimeter plus a non-contact voltage test pen.


8.Rich frequently-used functions. In addition to the above features, this product has the following functions: AC and DC voltage measurement, capacitance measurement, resistance measurement, diode measurement, frequency measurement, continuity test, data retention, flashlight, Automatic shut-down, etc. Don’t worry about the lack of a certain function in daily use.

Items in the Package


1 * Intelligent multimeter


1 * Test leads


1 * K-type probe(Only for FY107C)


1 *User’s Manual


1 * Portable bag


1 * Kraft box


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Waga 0,340 kg
Wymiary 20 × 10 × 5 cm

FY107C, FY107B


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